Boride set mounted on blank 5

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The set of Boride stones is collected from various series and is intended for sharpening of knives from any steels. The set includes 5 stones with a grain size: 150; 220; 400; 600; 1200, which will be enough for all stages of sharpening, from peeling to the final grinding. And the smooth reduction of grain, from stone to stone, guarantees efficient sharpening with minimal time.

You can work both "dry" and with ordinary water (or a little soap). It is not recommended to use force and pressure during sharpening / finishing!

Does not require special care. Cleaned under running water with a soapy stiff brush (can be a toothbrush). Align after formation on silicon carbide.

Note: Boride stones can have the following defects: saw marks on the work surface, minor chips at the corners and edges (no more than 1 mm).

From myself: Stones are very good in work, on quality favorably differ from stones of the Ukrainian production. They are made of different materials and on different bonds, which makes them very versatile in relation to work with different steels. Work with both water and oil.

Grain table:

on a scale FEPA-F


Grain size

in microns

on a scale FEPA-P


on a scale JIS


F150 ~110 μm P180 J150
F220  ~55 μm P240 J240
F400  ~20 μm P800 J600
F600  ~10 μm P2000 J1500
F1200  ~3 μm P8000 J5000